DATE: November 1, 2021

November already! That’s a little hard to believe. I know I say this every month, but supply chains are still strained and this will continue for the foreseeable future. A lot of the issues are related to packaging, especially plastic components. We’re also in the middle of a Coleman propane shortage. Some of you may have received a trickle of them here and there, but it’s going to be difficult to get. I spoke to one of our suppliers for this product and they’re only expecting 6 flats of it in November. So we’ll all just have to do our best to get through it. I still feel that things are improving over-all when it comes to availability and hopefully that trend continues. And I know some of you have been looking to order the Swirly’s candy from the last warehouse notes – unfortunately these have been delayed to mid-November. 

A final note since it’s getting colder out: we have stock of both safety salt and sand for you to order!

 What’s New!


  • Sweet Tarts Tangy Strawberry Ropes
  • Sweet Tarts Rainbow Punch Ropes
  • Swirly’s Buttercream Hard Candy Peg 120g (each)
  • Swirly’s Fruit Cream Hard Candy Peg 120g (each)
  • Swirly’s Jungle Pop Peg 120g (each)


  • Hard Bite Southwest Chili 150g
  • Space Snacks Fruit & Space Snacks Tropical Fruit
  • Munchies Nuts Honey Sweet Trail Mix 12CT/35G
  • Munchies Nuts Salted Peanuts 12CT/55G
  • Munchies Nuts Honey Roasted Peanuts 12CT/55G
  • Munchies Nuts BBQ Peanuts 12CT/55G


  • IPhone Wall Charger (Fast Charge) PDI-831
  • IPhone 12 Type C to Lightning Cable PDI-DC15
  • Type C and USB Dual Car Charger IPhone 12 & Android PDI-1450
  • Tarp 8×10 Camo
  • Tarp 8×10 Green


  • Safety Salt 10kg
  • Safety Sand 10kg


  • Master Pro Padlock 30mm – discontinued
  • Masterlock Small Brass Padlock 3pk – discontinued
  • Zippo Lighter Pouch – discontinued
  • Zippo Hand Warmer Replacement – discontinued
  • All Zippo Lighters – discontinued
  • Body Warmers – discontinued
  • Lighter Leash – discontinued
  • Musical Candles 4pk – discontinued
  • Travel Corkscrew – discontinued

Out of Stock

  • WW Gobstoppers 50g/24ct – supplier out of stock
  • Laffy Taffy Cherry 36ct – supplier out of stock
  • Big Mouth Candy Spray 12ct – supplier out of stock
  • Sweet Soaker 12ct – supplier out of stock
  • Push Pop Fruit 36ct – supplier out of stock
  • Popeye Candy Sticks 48ct – supplier out of stock
  • Ringpop Fruit Yellow 24ct – supplier out of stock
  • Reese Minis Peg 104g – supplier out of stock
  • KostKlip T-Wire Swing Up Label Holder 100pk 101793 – supplier out of stock
  • Lotsa Fizz 48ct – supplier out of stock
  • Coleman Propane 12ct – supplier out of stock
  • Crispers Salt & Vinegar 50g – supplier out of stock
  • Tidy Cat Litter – supplier out of stock
  • Hard Bite All Natural 50g – supplier out of stock
  • Hard Bite Beet 150g – supplier out of stock
  • Nestle Mackintosh Toffee 45g/24ct – supplier out of stock
  • Babybel Mini Cheese 2pk – supplier out of stock

Need Continued Support

  • Stix4Lips – lots of inventory