DATE: January 1, 2022 

Happy New Year! It’s my hope that it’ll be a great year for all of you! I’m not sure where 2021 went, but I, for one, am glad to be headed into 2022.

Unfortunately, I have to be the bearer of bad news almost immediately. We’re now officially in the season of price changes. I’m sure you’ve all seen notices rolling in from suppliers and it’s no different for us. We continue to live in unprecedented times and frequent price increases are part of this new landscape.

Supply chain issues continue and honestly, that won’t be changing anytime soon. Everyone is doing their best to keep supply flowing, but we’re still seeing delays and shorts. Every time I get optimistic about this changing, we get a new catastrophe, so I’m just not going to say anything positive about it anymore. Clearly my optimism is a curse!

As for more fun news – 2022 innovations will start appearing here slowly. We’re starting the year with new Maynards gummies – Berries & Cream and Sour Patch Kids Grape! I’m really excited for these. We’ll also have a new kind of Caramilk – Salted Caramel! These should be in the warehouse in early-mid January! Don’t worry, you’ll get an announcement as soon as they arrive.

We’ve spent December working with Bre to re-organize the Omni order form to better serve you. Hopefully the new format will make ordering a bit more streamlined. We know it’ll take a bit of getting used to, but we’re confident you’ll like it once you’re adjusted! The majority of the large changes were in the grocery, hardware, and household sections. You’ll notice that the “Party-Toys” section is gone completely – these items have been integrated into the “Household” section.

Irene & the Omni Team

What’s New!


  • Fisherman’s Friend Orange Spice SF (arriving mid-January)
  • Caramilk Salted Caramel 50g (arriving mid-January)
  • Maynards Berries and Crème 185g (arriving mid-January)
  • Maynards SPK Grape 185g (arriving mid-January)


  • Hot Capp Maple Vanilla (eta first week of January)
  • Dan D Pak Unsalted Almonds 100g
  • Dan D Pak Spicy Cashews 92g
  • Dan D Pak Rice Crackers 100g
  • Dan D Pak BBQ Toasted Corn Nuts 100g
  • Dan D Pak Salted Toasted Corn Nuts 100g
  • Dan D Pak Dark Chocolate Cranberries 140g
  • Dan D Pak Milk Chocolate Blueberries 120g


  • M&M Caramel Peg 109g – supplier discontinued
  • Snapple Half/Half – supplier discontinued, limited quantities left in warehouse
  • Stix4Lips Fishbowls – discontinued

Out of Stock

  • Reese Minis Peg 104g – supplier out of stock
  • Coleman Propane 12ct – supplier out of stock
  • Crispers Salt & Vinegar 50g – supplier out of stock
  • Icebreaker Fruit Sours – supplier out of stock
  • Icebreaker Berry – supplier out of stock
  • Icebreaker Duos Raspberry – supplier out of stock
  • Twizzler Strawberry 90g
  • Halls Cherry Centres
  • Twizzler Black Nibs 75g
  • Snapple Lemonade – supplier out of stock, limited quantities in warehouse
  • Huer Neon Rings 1kg – supplier out of stock
  • Huer Watermelon Slices 1kg – supplier out of stock
  • Huer Cola 120g – supplier out of stock
  • Huer Rootbeer Bottles 120g – supplier out of stock
  • WW Gobstoppers 50g/24ct – supplier out of stock
  • WW Runts Original 51g/24ct – supplier out of stock
  • RJ’S Raspberry Chocolate Logs 30/40g – supplier out of stock
  • Fluffy Stuff Rainbow Cotton Candy – supplier out of stock until June 2022