DATE: February 1, 2022

So. January! What a month! I’m relieved that one is in the books and we’re moving on to February – because surely it’ll be a calmer one!

You’ll be starting to see price increases rolling out for the first few months of the year. We’re doing our best to communicate the changes, especially the large ones to you.

As February unfolds, you’ll be seeing more innovation products, but most new releases are scheduled for later in the month. And some of the January innovations are currently delayed. Boo! But that’s the way of the world. Because…say it with me…supply chains continue to be strained.

We do have a new flavour of Hot Capp coming in, we’re just waiting on the labels to arrive. The eta for those is late January/early February.

Supply of items like propane and windshield washer fluid remains extremely volatile. You’ll probably be seeing those come in and out of stock. Rest assured that everyone here at Omni is working to secure these products.

And with that, I wish you a good month!

Irene & the Omni Team

What’s New!


  • Maynards SPK Grape 185g
  • Cadbury Micro Mini Eggs 90g
  • Cadbury Family Salted Caramilk 100g/19ct


  • Hot Capp Maple Vanilla
  • Oreo Cookie 4pk
  • Nutter Butter Cookie 4pk


  • Prolight Torch Lighter Camo 12ct
  • Sand/Salt Mix 10kg

Back in Stock (at least at the time of me writing these notes)

  • Coleman Propane 12ct
  • Salt 10kg
  • Reese Minis Peg 104g

Out of Stock

  • Audreys Vanilla Cupcakes – temporarily discontinued by supplier
  • Icebreaker Fruit Sours – supplier out of stock
  • Icebreaker Berry – supplier out of stock
  • Icebreaker Duos Raspberry – supplier out of stock
  • Twizzler Strawberry 90g – supplier out of stock
  • Fluffy Stuff Rainbow Cotton Candy – supplier out of stock until June 2022
  • Koala Kones Sour Gummy Tray 12ct/200g – supplier out of stock
  • Koala Kones Gummy Tray 12ct/200g – supplier out of stock
  • Koala Big Kahuna Kone – supplier out of stock
  • Snapple Lemonade 473ml/12pk – supplier out of stock
  • Skittles Tropical 36ct – supplier out of stock
  • Friskies Chef’s Blend 1.5kg – supplier out of stock
  • Fisherman’s Friend Honey Lemon – supplier out of stock
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs 115g – supplier out of stock


  • Cookies N Cream Crunchers 51g/8ct – supplier discontinued
  • Reese Dark Choco Peanut Butter Thins 165g – discontinued
  • Snickers Creamy Peanut Butter Peg 152g – discontinued
  • Snickers Creamy Almond Butter Peg 152g – supplier discontinued
  • Mars Fudge 24ct – supplier discontinued
  • Snapple Half/Half – supplier discontinued
  • Space Snacks Fruit – supplier discontinued, limited quantities left in the warehouse
  • Space Snacks Tropical Fruit – supplier discontinued, limited quantities left in the warehouse

Need Continued Support

  • M&M Minis Bar 12ct/34g
  • Snickers Peanut Brownie 24ct/34g
  • Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Popcorn 24ct/48g
  • Ricola Herb & Ricola Menthol
  • Aromatic Creations Hand Sanitizer – all scents