DATE: April 1, 2022 

I think I may finally have learned my lesson about hoping that supply chain issues will improve. Things will continue on as they are for several more months. We did see a large delay on our most recent Itwal order due to weather conditions in Ontario.

 Price changes are also ongoing, but should slow down as we move toward spring and summer.

 I wanted to touch base on one area where we’ve been struggling to get supply and that is cleaning products. Our current supplier has been out of stock on a majority of cleaning products for the last 6 months or so. I’m in the process of looking at different product lines and other suppliers to resolve that issue. Hopefully, there will be a change in that department in time for the May warehouse notes.

 There are several items I’m really excited about in the month of April! We’ll have Dare Marshmallows in three flavours – Strawberry, Banana, and Peach!

 The other exciting news is that we’ll have a new and improved GNG Reusable Coffee Tumbler arriving at the warehouse. Stay tuned for an email with all the details as soon as it’s in our hands!

 Happy Spring to you all!

 Irene & the Omni Team

 What’s New!


  • Dare Marshmallows Strawberry 170g
  • Dare Marshmallows Banana 170g
  • Dare Marshmallows Peach 170g
  • Kinder Bueno White 30ct
  • Skittles Gummies Original 164g
  • Skittles Gummies Wild Berry 164g
  • Skittles Gummies Original 57g/18ct
  • M&M Pretzel 92g


  • Cheetos Cheddar Popcorn 40g


  • Snapple Mango 473ml/12pk
  • Bio Steel Blue Raspberry 4pk
  • Bio Steel Rainbow Twist 4pk
  • Bio Steel Cherry Lime 500ml/12pk
  • Bio Steel Grape 500ml/12pk

Hardware & Household

  • Mosquito Shield Family Formula 7.5% Bug Repellent
  • Dewitt Wasp Bag
  • Terro Fly Magnet Sticky Paper 4pk
  • Knockdown Pot-It Hanging Pest Traps 5pk
  • Areon Smile Black Crystal Air Freshener 10pk
  • Areon Smile Vanilla Air Freshener 10pk
  • Areon Smile Tutti Frutti Air Freshener 10pk
  • Mon Areon American Dream Air Freshener 10pk
  • Mon Areon Lavender Air Freshener 10pk

Out of Stock

  • Audreys Vanilla Cupcakes – temporarily discontinued by supplier
  • Hersheys Cookies N Cream Single 43g/36 – supplier out of stock
  • Icebreaker Duo Raspberry – supplier out of stock
  • Fluffy Stuff Rainbow Cotton Candy – supplier out of stock until June 2022
  • Fisherman’s Friend Honey Lemon – supplier out of stock
  • Nerds Big Chewy Sour 170g – supplier out of stock

Packaging Change

  • Glossette Raisins 50g – change from box to bag
  • Glossette Peanuts 45g – change from box to bag


  • Cookies N Cream Crunchers 51g – supplier discontinued
  • Ricola Menthol – discontinued
  • Ricola Herb – seasonal, limited quantities left in the warehouse and coming back in Fall!
  • M&M Peanut Mini Bar 34g – discontinued
  • M&M Milk Chocolate Bar 113g – discontinued
  • Reese Outrageous Bar 41g – supplier discontinued
  • Cookies N Cream Snack Mix – supplier discontinued
  • Salted Caramel Turtle Bites – supplier discontinued
  • Butt Bucket Small 12pk – discontinued
  • Wooden Snow Scraper – discontinued
  • DDPAK Munchy Mix – discontinued
  • DDPAK Travellers Mix – discontinued
  • DDPAK Fruit Loop Medley – discontinued
  • DDPAK Sierra Mt Mix – discontinued

Need Continued Support

  • Snickers Peanut Brownie 24ct/34g
  • Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Popcorn 24ct/48g